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Welcome to Cerient

We're the leading provider of IT solutions to RDU Small Business, and we'd love to help you grow and strengthen your business. Whether it's a backup storage solution, a webserver, network trouble or any number of other issues, Cerient Technologies has you covered. Browse the site or contact us directly—we know you'll like what we can offer.

Be sure to check out these common services:

Don't be tied down

Our broad experience with everything from SOHO to corporate contract puts us in a perfect position to quickly identify the applications and hardware that can save your business money. What's our secret? Open Source software.

Are you running a webserver? File server? Application server? Login server? Are you forced to deal with old, hard-to-maintain Windows desktops? Cerient can help your business save time and money with Open Source Software. There are Open Source projects to cover all of the mentioned business needs and more, and you don't have to sign a contract with a software vendor that might go out of business next month.

Need a feature added? With Open Source, you can have a contractor do it without having to get approval or permission from anyone. Worried about Compatibility? We only use Standards-Compliant technologies, guaranteeing extensibility and freedom.


Not Sure about Hardware?

We're your VAR
We have years of experience with the best vendors. Whether you need servers, workstations, cabling, or a specialty piece of technology, we have you covered. We have many items, including UPS backup devices, in stock at our Raleigh location.
Save money with Virtualization
Virtualization technologies such as VMware and Xen allow us to better utilize server hardware by putting several guest operating systems, including Red Hat and Windows Server operating systems, inside a “host” operating system. This arrangement is more secure both in that the guest operating systems have no way of affecting each other and that it is very easy to take “snapshots” of guest operating systems to back them up. The webserver that hosts this site is running in a virtual machine.
Don't throw it away just yet
We can often reuse old hardware. Trade in old servers and workstations for a new model or let us upgrade your existing hardware.

Ready to let us help you grow?

Just contact us to get started. Our technicians are ready for a phone consultation or an on-site visit. Whatever the IT need, Cerient can get you going.